In our Great Reset programme, we look at the major challenges facing us today and explore the proposed solutions to them.

Meaningful action on the part of national governments and political parties is often postponed indefinitely because of their inability to reach an agreement on how to tackle such problems as the climate emergency or the failings of social care programmes, though few would deny that such problems exist.

Combined with this lack of unanimity, there are deep-seated fears and suspicions – about use of data, digital technology and robotics, or the future of democracy, for example – and a wide-spread inability to think in the long-term.

At the same time, there are many good ideas that have the potential for effectively addressing some of our most pressing challenges. These ideas deserve wider coverage and public debate.

The Great Reset builds on 15 years of work in Bristol by Festival of Ideas on the most important issues of our time.

The programme will evolve in response to suggestions from our audiences and our partners.

Speakers in our online sessions in autumn 2020 included: Richard Holloway and John Gray; Michael Marmot; Jonathon Porritt; Roman Krznaric; Bradley Garrett; Noreena Hertz; Madeleine Bunting and Rachel Clarke; Jane Davidson; Nick Hayes; Toby Ord and Julian Baggini; Hilary Cottam and Melissa Benn; James Suzman; Caleb Femi and Vanessa Kisuule; Helen Lewis; Austin Channing Brown; Paul Collier and John Kay; Sarah Broom; Martin Rees and Margaret Heffernan.

Topics for panel discussions in 2020 included: Exploring Bristol’s Past to Understand the City Today; The Future For Law and Democracy in the UK; Women and COVID-19; Bristol MPs Question Time: The Great Bristol Reset; The Future of Freedom of Expression; and New Generation Thinkers on Leadership and Authority.

Next year’s topics include: freedom of speech and democracy (Spring-October 2021); the Bristol Constitutional Convention (Spring 2021); and looking at a new future for cities in our Festival of the Future City (October 2021).

Ongoing events in our Festival of Ideas throughout 2021 will also focus on challenges and solutions.

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