Wednesday 7 – Saturday 10 November 2018

In association with  Triodos Bank

FoE 2018 cover by Alys Jones

In our seventh Festival of Economics, programmed by Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge and Enlightenment Economics), economists and other experts from around the world debated with each other – and their audiences – some of the key economic questions of our time.

We support the Festival of Economics to foster further debate about our economic future. Now is the time to promote more alternative thinking around our economic and financial system. We can no longer measure success purely in terms of growth when our resources are finite – and we can work harder to create a global economy that works better for people and planet.

Bevis Watts, Managing Director, Triodos Bank UK

You can download the 2018 brochure here.

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This year’s cover illustration is by Alys Jones.

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Audio recordings are also available for the 20142015 and 2016 festivals. There is footage from some festival events on our YouTube channel.

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