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Bristol 2015: Student Day

It's Our Future

Tue 21 April 2015

Bristol 2015: Student Day

It's Our Future

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Tue 21 April 2015,

Bristol 2015 is dedicated to wide participation. This includes identifying the problems young people face, their hopes for the future, the contribution they can make to the city and the views and ideas that should be included in Bristol 2015’s message to the world at Cop21 in Paris.

The views and ideas will also be included in ongoing issues facing the city, such as decisions which might be needed on future energy needs – fracking, tidal, nuclear – as well as wider issues relating to climate change.

Bristol Festival of Ideas for Bristol 2015 is running a series of events throughout the year on young people and climate change. These include events in the Young People’s Festival of Ideas, the Green Youth Day – It’s My Future; and a day with students on 21 April.

For Student Day we are seeking 100 students from Bristol’s universities to join us to debate key issues for Bristol 2015 and identify solutions to the problems we are all facing.

Grouped in tables of 10 each will first identify problems and put forward opportunities relating to the issues facing young people and climate change.

The second part of the session will take this discussion further, taking the Bristol 2015 themes of energy, food, nature, resources and transport as a starting point, to identify concerns, political options and creative solutions.


09.30-10.00: Arrival, registration
10.00-10.10: The problems and opportunities of Bristol 2015 (Rich Pancost to present)
10.15-11.15: Round table discussions – the issues facing young people relating to climate change and creating a sustainable future
11.15-11.40: Break
11.40-12.40: Split into 5 groups: Energy, Food, Nature, Resource and Transport (please select 2 topics at time of booking)
12.40-13.10: Reporting back
13.10-14.00: Lunch and drinks
14.00 Ends

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