Robert Peston

Robert Peston

WTF: How Do We Take Back Control?

Fri 10 November 2017

Robert Peston

WTF: How Do We Take Back Control?

Robert Peston
Fri 10 November 2017,

What have we done? Why did it happen? How do we take back control? There has been a people’s revolt against the way the West has been run. Brexit, Trump, the recent British and French elections saw millions of people shouting that they were sick to death of things never getting better. Robert Peston gives us his highly personal account of what those who have ruled us for years got so badly wrong, and what we need to mend the terrible fractures in our society that have generated a series of political shocks like none we have seen before.

He examines, amongst others, the events that delivered the likes of Corbyn, Trump and May to prominence; how it is possible to make a success of leaving the EU; what the lessons should be of the appalling Grenfell Tower tragedy; whether robots can be stopped from taking our work ; why questions of immigration and identity have come to dominate our politics; who is to blame for the failures of austerity; what can be done to reignite social mobility; and what must happen to prevent democracy being subverted by technocratic geniuses with the ability to manipulate social media.

He also explores the future and the challenges that this country faces to restore social cohesion, calling for a revolution in education, changes to the power-balance between capital and labour and an overhaul of the way the Treasury and Bank of England use policy. He discusses how we can do things differently and better, to rebuild the mutual understanding and tolerance that this country has lost and restore optimism to those who have felt increasingly abandoned by those in power. He looks to give hope to all of us who believe that taking back control is not only vital, but possible.

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