Radical Hope & Cultural Tragedy


Sat 18 April 2015

Radical Hope & Cultural Tragedy


Sat 18 April 2015,

Like the species now being extinguished, many cultures face devastation due to fragmentation, loss of diversity, modernisation, blindness to consequences, and climate change. Examples from the New Guinea Highlands (Jared Diamond) to the Crow nation (Jonathan Lear) offer telling stories of tragic disavowal and radical hope. If hope is not to be an escapist delusion, then it needs to emerge out of facing the tragic.

As well as major presentations, there will be workshops, storytelling and a play to explore how many cultures, both animal and human, are facing tragic losses that cannot easily be thought about. The courage to face tragedy requires not only letting go of cultural certainties, but letting come unthought or unheard possibilities for being in and of this world. Such explorations radicalise hope to enable sustained ethical and political engagement.

Jay Griffiths: Ferocious Tenderness
Chris Johnstone: Active Hope – Cultivating Inspired Responses to Planetary Crisis

Sarah Deco: Four Worlds and a Broken Stone
Paul Hoggett and Penny Mclellan: Dreams – A Cultural Resource in Dark Times
Chris Robertson and Richard Wainwright: Catastrophe Ethics
Sally Weintrobe: Hope Resides in Mending the Human Heart and Mind

Steve Waters: In a Vulnerable Place

Adrian Tait in conversation with Mac Macartney

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