Graham Fitkin ‘Wing’ (World Premiere)

Bristol800 Weekender

Fri 25 November 2016

Graham Fitkin ‘Wing’ (World Premiere)

Bristol800 Weekender

Fri 25 November 2016,

One of the leading composers of his generation, Graham Fitkin’s recent work has included a cello concerto for Yo Yo Ma, premiered at the Proms in 2011, and a commission for London’s Cultural Olympiad in 2012. Fitkin is also a West Country native, born in Cornwall (where he still lives), with strong links to Bristol and its musical culture, including St George’s.

His taut, propulsive music reflects a strong interest in technology and engineering, which made him a perfect choice for this special ‘Art of Flight’ commission. This new piece, Wing, to be given its premiere in the second half of this all-Fitkin bill, was partly inspired by a visit to the historic Bristol Aeroplane Company hangars at Filton.

He says:

I remember as a boy designing and throwing paper planes out of high windows and trying to get them to go further. And generally failing. I still wonder about this… Thrust and lift. Wings and flaps…”

Come and see Wing take flight for the first time.

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