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The European Union: The West Decides

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Wed 15 June 2016

The European Union: The West Decides

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Wed 15 June 2016,

What does the future hold for the UK and the European Union? What are the possible implications of Brexit, and what does it mean for business and the South West?

This special Business West Initiative event will feature a panel discussion between national and local experts from business, politics and economics as well as keynote speeches from leading business and political figures. Participants include: Stephen Booth (Open Europe), Graham Cole (former chairman of AgustaWestlands and author of the Cole Commission on Exports), Charles Grant (director of the Centre for European Reform), Paul Kahn (President of Airbus UK), Tim Congdon (economist and former independent advisor to the Treasury), Nick Pearce (director of the Institute for Policy Research and former head of the No 10 Policy Unit), Vicky Pryce (former joint head of the United Kingdom’s Government Economic Service) and Malcolm Rifkind (former Foreign Secretary).

17:30 Registration
18:15 Welcomes
18:35 Sir Malcolm Rifkind – former foreign secretary
18:55 Panel 1
19:30 Panel 2
20:00 Close

This event is open to all and you do not need to be a West of England Initiative Member to book your free ticket.

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