Housing Report 1955 B14100 (3) Henbury

Bristol Housing Reports: 1955-1959

A look at housing reports of the post-Second World War period.

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Housing Report 1934 B14102 (2) St Philip

Bristol Housing Reports: 1934-1936

A further look at information contained in council housing reports of the 1930s.

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Housing Report 1930 B14100 (23) Penpole

Bristol Housing Report 1930 (part 2)

Further information gained from reading the Bristol Housing Report published in 1930.

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Homes for Heroes 100 Comic-book Artist Appointed

Announcement of appointment of illustrator for the publication telling the history of 100 years of council housing in comic-book style

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Housing Festival Image

Bristol Housing Festival: Vision

A look at the ambitions and vision of the Bristol Housing Festival

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Shirehampton BRO 44819 3 190

Bristol Housing Report: 1930 (part 1)

A list of the council housing completed or under construction in Bristol by 1930 under the provision of the 1919 Act.

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