Two new publications are available free of charge during the Festival of the Future City 2017 (18-20 October).

The book 2017 Festival of the Future City sets out some of the challenges that the festival aims to address and provides background to discussion topics, including an overview of city thinking, past and present, and how this relates to likely future city issues.

The book concludes with suggestions for the questions we should be asking ourselves today about the future of cities; questions that will be raised and debated throughout the festival and online.

Also available is a new edition of the Bristol800 Book of Walks. First  published in 2016, this provides routes around the city that allow residents and  visitors to explore Bristol’s past in the context of the present and with an eye  to the future. Topics include the role of merchants and the church in the city’s  early history; Romanticism; Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the city’s docks;  Bristol’s artistic and cultural life; and nature and green space in the city. The  revised edition, specially produced to coincide with the Festival of the Future  City in 2017, now has an additional route which takes you around sites associated with the University of Bristol and the English Civil War.

Copies of both books will be available to collect free of charge from the Festival of the Future City reception desk in Watershed from 11:00-14:00 each day of the festival, while stocks last.

For those unable to get to Watershed, a downloadable PDF is available of 2017 Festival of the Future City HERE. There is a blog page providing details of some of the source material used when researching the book, including links where available,  HERE.

The latest version of the Bristol800 Book of Walks is too large a file to upload to this site as a complete book but you can view it on ISSUU or see the complete previous edition as a downloadable PDF HERE.

The individual chapters can be downloaded as PDFs as follows:

Bristol800 Book of Walks: Commerce

Bristol800 Book of Walks: Romanticism

Bristol800 Book of Walks: Brunel

Bristol800 Book of Walks: Art and Culture

Bristol800 Book of Walks: Nature

Bristol800 Book of Walks: University of Bristol

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