This blog page provides a list of the sources of information used when writing the book to accompany the 2017 Festival of the Future City. Free copies of the book were given away at the festival reception desk in Watershed and can now be downloaded as a PDF HERE.

Relevant Previous Publications by BCDP
Kelly, A Building Legible Cities (2001)
Kelly, A and Kelly, M Building Legible Cities: Making the Case (2003)
Kelly, A and Kelly, M (editors) Festival of the Future City (2016) a summary of some of the topics covered during the 2015 festival with contributions from some of the speakers. This was published in a limited edition and is available as a download HERE

Organisational and Project Websites
Ageing Without Children
Avon Wildlife Trust
Basic Income European Network
Because I am A Girl
Campaign for Better Transport
Campaign to End Loneliness
Campaign to Protect Rural England
Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity
City Evolutions
City ID
City of Sanctuary 
Core Cities UK
Cycling UK
Foresight: Future of Cities
GATEway Project
Happy City
Health Poverty Action
Living Streets
National Conversation on Immigration
Sheffield Tree Action Groups
Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research
UK Autodrive Project
UN Women’s Safe Cities and Safe Public Spaces
West of England Combined Authority
World Health Organisation

Reports and Books
Adolescent Girls: Creating Safer Cities
Bristol Quality of Life Survey 2015-2016
Brookings Institute: Connecting to Opportunity: Access to Jobs via Transit in the Washington, D.C. Region
BusinessWest: Guide to Devolution, Metro Mayors and the West of England
Campaign to Protect Rural England: The End of the Road? Challenging the Road-building Consensus
The Geography of Transport Systems
Institute of Civil Engineers: Tim Broyd Presidential Address (1st November 2016) Engineering a Digital Future
Institute of Civil Engineers: The National Needs Assessment Report
Local Government Association: Local Authority Schemes Supporting People Towards Work (by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research)
Robert J Sampson Rethinking Crime and Immigration
Resolution Foundation: City Living: Devolution and the Living Standards Challenge

Articles and Blogs (in date order)
BBC: ‘Toxteth riots: Howe proposed “managed decline” for city’ (30/12/11)
Ryan Chin: ‘Solving Transport Headaches in the Cities of 2050’ (BBC 18/6/2013)
Ferris Jabr: ‘Why walking helps us think’ (The New Yorker 3/9/14)
Alex Davies: ‘America’s 10 Best Cities For Commuting on Public Transit’ (Wired 9/10/14)
Justin McQuirk: ‘Urban commons have radical potential – it’s not just about community gardens’ (the Guardian 15/6/15)
Gavin Kelly: ‘The rise of Bristol, success but not yet shared growth — notes for a new mayor’ (6/10/16)
Amy Fleming: ‘The importance of urban forests: why money really does grow on trees’ (the Guardian 12/10/16)
The Guardian: ‘Call for action to tackle growing ethnic segregation across UK’ (the Guardian 1/11/16)
Alexander Starritt: ‘A good way to measure the success of a city is how well it treats the kids that live in it’ (16/11/16)
Tamsin Rutter: ‘Car-free Belgium: why can’t Brussels match Ghent’s pedestrianised vision?’ (the Guardian 28/11/16)
Athlyn Cathcart-Keays: ‘Two-wheel takeover: bikes outnumber cars for the first time in Copenhagen’ (the Guardian 30/11/16)
Carlotta Fontana: ‘Historical cities and everyday life’ (The Academy of Urbanism 21/12/16)
Tom Crewe: ‘The strange death of municipal England’ (London Review of Books 15/12/16)
Benjamin Barber:  ‘In the age of Donald Trump, the resistance will be localized’ (The Nation 18/1/17)
Peter Madden: ‘Urban innovation predictions for 2017’ (HuffPost 20/1/17)
Diane Coyle: Theresa May’s industrial strategy: what took them so long? (the Guardian 24/1/17)
Philip Inman: ‘Devolve power to London as a blueprint for other major UK cities – report’ (the Guardian 27/1/17)
Ursula Kenny interview with Matthew Desmond: America’s housing crisis: ‘A problem we need to hate more’ (the Guardian 12/2/17)
Rowena Mason: ‘London to introduce £10 vehicle pollution charge, says Sadiq Khan’ (the Guardian 17/2/17)
Michael Kimmelman: ‘Climate change is threatening to push a crowded capital toward a breaking point'(on Mexico City) (New York Times 17/2/17)
The Lancet: ‘Future life expectancy in 35 industrialised countries: projections with a Bayesian model ensemble’ (21/2/17)
Laura Laker: Cardiff v Cambridge: can the Welsh capital steal the crown of Britain’s top cycling city? (the Guardian 21/2/17)
John Harris: ‘What’s the point of building a million new homes if they’re not fit to live in?’ (the Guardian 23/2/17)
Joel Duddell: ‘Would Jesus be a gentrifier? How Christianity is embracing urban renewal’ (the Guardian 7/3/17)
Florence Williams: ‘Warning: living in a city could seriously damage your health’ (the Guardian 13/3/17)
Ross Douthart: ‘Break up the liberal city’ (New York Times 25/3/17)
Laura Laker: ‘Is London’s new cycling tsar too nice to face down the bike-haters?’ (the Guardian 5/4/17)
Office of National Statistics: ‘Measuring national well-being: Life in the UK, Apr 2017’ (6/4/2017)
Deborah Orr: ‘Speculators buying property for investment ‘is distorting the lives of all of our citizens and all of our cities’ (the Guardian 7/4/17)
Louis Hyman: ‘The myth of Main Street’ (New York Times 8/4/17)
Richard Florida: ‘The roots of the new urban crisis’ (CityLab 9/4/2017)
Richard Florida: ‘The new urban crisis is upon us: Success squeezing out the middle class’ (New York Daily News 10/4/17)
Henry Grabar ‘Fantastical maps’  (on Richard Florida) (Slate 11/ 4/17)
Sarah Lyall: ‘Will London Fall’ (New York Times 11/4/17)
Adam Forrest: ‘The death of diesel: has the one-time wonder fuel become the new asbestos?’ (the Guardian 13/4/17)
Gary Younge: ‘The cause of death that dare not speak its name: austerity’ (the Guardian 15/4/17)
Josh Cohen: ‘Did Seattle’s mandatory helmet law kill off its bike-share scheme?’ (the Guardian 18/4/17)
Ian Jack: ‘Property feeds the roots of inequality in Britain. Inheritance will entrench it’ (the Guardian 22/4/17)
Amy Liu: ‘Cities can’t fix the new urban crisis’ (City Lab 23/4/17)
Stuart Jeffries: ‘”What election?”: West Midlands mayoral race struggles to overcome apathy’ (the Guardian 25/4/17)
Peter Hetherington: ‘Metro mayors sound great. But they can’t save local parks and pools’ (the Guardian 25/4/17)

Jonathan Meades’ On the Brandwagon: The Regeneration Racket can currently be viewed on Vimeo: MeadesShrine.