Srdja Popovic

Srdja Popovic is a Serbian biologist, political activist and executive director of the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS). Read more about the organisation here.

His five-point guide to starting a revolution, which includes steps such as ‘It can happen anywhere’ and ‘Hobbits can save the world’, can be found here. Watch him explain how to topple a dictator here. Srdja has also written a number of articles for Slate – read them here.

His new book, Blueprint for Revolution, tells the extraordinary story of how he became one of the leaders of Otpor! – the movement which overthrew dictator Slobodan Milosevic – and how he went on to train the pro-democracy activists behind the Arab Spring, Occupy, and many other movements. An extract from the book can be found here.

Duncan Green of the Guardian called Blueprint for Revolution “a fantastically readable and useful book for activists”. Read the full review here.

Tina Rosenberg, New York Times, wrote “Popovic cheerfully blows up just about every idea most people hold about nonviolent struggle.” Read the full review here.

Read a Telegraph review of Blueprint for Revolution here.

Image credit: Oliver Mark


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