First Time Ever: On 30 May 2018 activist and singer Peggy Seeger talks about her memoir, looking back on a life steeped in music and politics.

Peggy Seeger

This blog provides links to reviews of the book.

Reviews of First Time Ever

The Guardian: First Time Ever by Peggy Seeger review – a memoir of folk royalty – Sukhdev Sandhu 27 December 2017

At a time when digital hustlers burble forth about disruption and accelerated obsolescence, it’s all the more wonderful to read Seeger write about tenderness and tenacity, value and vitality, culture and continuity, about folk music being “like a cardiograph: the form being the graph paper and the content the heartbeat”.

The Arts Desk: Peggy Seeger: First Time Ever – A Memoir, review – a remarkable life – Liz Thomson 22 October 2017

Separately and together, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger were, and are, remarkable and their contribution to Britain’s musical and wider cultural life cannot be gainsaid. Throughout it all, they were true to themselves and Seeger’s memoir is a remarkable account of a remarkable life.

The Irish Times: First Time Ever by Peggy Seeger – an elegy for folk music – Anne Harris 7 October 2017

There are no sonorous signals of big moments, rather a series of chronological arabesques, which is why this amazing life reads more like a novel.