The Pimping of Prostitution: Julie Bindel discusses the global sex trade and the emergence of the survivor abolitionist movement with writer Sarah Ditum on 14 March 2018.

Julie Bindel

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Reviews of The Pimping of Prostitution

Feminist Current: Julie Bindel’s ‘The Pimping of Prostitution’ destroys sex trade myths with unforgiving detail – Louise Perry 27 September 2017

The Pimping of Prostitution is the most comprehensive account of the politics of the sex trade I have ever read. It goes well beyond raging at the crimes perpetrated against women and girls, although there is a great deal of justified rage at the heart of this book. It is a thorough refutation of the myths peddled by the pro-prostitution lobby.

Newsweek: Prostitution, Pimps and Banishing the Myth of the ‘Happy Hooker’ – Orlando Crowcroft 30 November 2017

It has always been to her credit that when Bindel believes in something that runs counter to accepted narratives, she is not reluctant to talk about it, or indeed stand up and shout it through a bullhorn. Unlike many of her critics, she has not formed her arguments from behind a screen in London or New York but in brothels and on street corners, in halfway houses and hospitals, talking to women who have experienced the sex trade firsthand. In that, her book is a work of journalism—not polemic.

Dignity: Book Review: The Pimping of Prostitution: Abolishing the Sex Work Myth by Julie Bindel – Roger Matthews January 2018

The book contains an impressive level of detail that is frequently based on interviews with those directly involved in the sex trade. The Pimping of Prostitution provides a refreshing contrast to the highly conjectural and half-baked assertions that are prominent in much of the existing literature on prostitution. It is a powerful, provocative, and highly original text, which will no doubt add some impetus to the growing abolitionist movement, and may even encourage the less doctrinaire members of the pro-prostitution group to reflect on their position critically.

Interview with Julie Bindel

Vancouver Sun: Prostitution expert doesn’t like what she sees in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – Lori Colbert 12 November 2017

There is no necessity for sex trade. Men will not simultaneously implode if they don’t get the sex that they want when they want it. They might actually learn to have sex with someone who wants to have sex with them too.

Reader Quotes

Joan Smith, author of Misogynies:

Bold, brilliant and brave. This is Julie Bindel at her best, demolishing the myths around prostitution and asking us to listen to survivors, the women and men who know the ugly reality first-hand.

Nimco Ali, activist and writer:

Julie Bindel knows violence against women when she sees it. In this amazing investigative book, she manages to break through the mist and exposes the realities of how the sex trade actually works – and who it benefits.

Bea Campbell, writer, activist, and author of The End of Equality:

Every word in this long-awaited book is worth reading. It combines scholarship, activism, personal narratives and political analysis. It is a mighty challenge to the pessimism of ‘the oldest profession’ and above all it offers hope of a society free of sexism and sexual exploitation.

Bidisha, writer, critic and broadcaster:

This book is persuasive, clear, revealing and very powerful. It brilliantly exposes the outright abuse and misogyny at the heart of a worldwide system in which men and boys control, buy, sell, rent and use women and girls. And it answers back to any apologist, male or female, who defends men’s renting and use of women in the worldwide system of sexual exploitation.

Gloria Steinem, feminist, journalist and social and political activist:

To find out the truth behind all those “Pretty Woman” myths about the global sex trade read this well documented book by Julie Bindel.

Articles by Julie Bindel

The Independent: The prostitution claims surrounding Oxfam don’t surprise me. I’ve seen it all before with charities across the world – and the UN 12 February 2018

The Guardian: Were sex traffickers to blame for the unsolved death of Silvana Beqiraj? 18 January 2018

The Guardian: I’ve spoken to Worboys’ victims, and this release is a huge betrayal 5 January 2018

The Guardian: Yes, there’s a major problem with rape prosecutions. But it’s not that women are lying 20 December 2017

The Guardian: Why prostitution should never be legalised 11 October 2017

Listen Again: Julie Bindel at the Festival of Ideas in 2016/

Are we facing a crisis in free speech? Are there limits on what we can talk about, campaign for, criticise and debate?

Four speakers – all of whom have faced freedom of speech issues – debate the boundaries and how freedom of speech might be protected and extended in the future: Julie Bindel, writer and journalist; writer Sarah Ditum (recently removed from a panel by Bristol University Feminist Society); Maryam Namazie, political activist, campaigner and blogger; and Sian Norris, writer, feminist activist and director of the Bristol Women’s Literature Festival.

Photo of Maryam Namazie, credit Mallorie Nassrallah