There has rarely been so much interest in what is taking place in the UK economy than right now, as we experience one of the largest shocks in history. However, we cannot understand the economy unless we have solid economic statistics. Measuring the Economy, intended for students of economics and related subjects, brings to life the importance of economic measurement. We aim to explain key economic concepts and how these apply in real life, including the new challenges and opportunities of measuring the modern economy, and show how economic measurement helps and informs policymaking, and so benefits all of us as citizens.

Each chapter is written by leading experts. Our aim is to show students which economic statistics are available, why they are important, to examine how they are measured, and discover the challenges of using them and how those challenges are overcome. Economies are constantly evolving, and the material will be regularly updated to take account of the latest developments.

Chapters currently published on are:

  • Measuring Inflation – Jill Leyland
  • Gross Domestic Product – Francois Lequiller
  • National Income and Expenditure – Martin Weale
  • Labour Market – Jonathan Athow
  • The Environment – Joe Grice/Peter Sinclair

Further chapters are currently in production and will be published as soon as available, which will cover wide-ranging topics from productivity to inequality, the role of finance and the challenges of the modern economy. We are keen to create a community to help review the content of the book and help create supplementary teaching resources. The intention is to create a book that fits user needs, so collaboration is key to its success.

If you wish to get involved, please email Project Manager Georgia Tasker-Davies:

Jonathan Athow is Deputy National Statistician and Director of Economic Statistics at the Office for National Statistics. Follow him on Twitter @jathers_ONS

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