Diversify: June Sarpong delivers the second 2018 Coleridge Lecture, explaining a new approach to how we work, learn and live.

June Sarpong

This blog provides background information for the event, which takes place on 10 April 2018.

Reviews of Diversify

The Positive Guide: June Sarpong on Why the Time to Diversify is Now – Rebecca Wallace 20 December 2017

She advocates a need to transcend the six degrees of separation together and move us towards lives connected by six degrees of integration.

Interviews with June Sarpong

Northern Soul: “We all benefit when we embrace diversity and allow everyone to contribute.”  – Mike Fotis 10 October 2017

It breaks my heart that many people go the grave without delivering their full potential.

Thought Economics: On Diversity: A Conversation with June Sarpong MBE – Vikas Shah 30 October 2017

We need our own version of AA for diversity, where we allow people to talk about their concerns, voice their fears, voice their pains and their hurt, but in a non-judgemental way which allows people to connect with each other as people.

Articles by June Sarpong

The Guardian: Diversity is Britain’s greatest strength. It must be at the top of the political agenda – 8 June 2017

There is so much untapped potential: the economy that is efficient enough to capture the talents of all those available to contribute, and is capable of utilising all its greatest minds, will be a model the rest of the world will be desperate to emulate. We must not allow those who seek to divide us to prevent us from achieving this.

Metro: It’s time we started talking honestly about diversity – 19 October 2017

Unless we can admit that exclusive analogous entrance routes into professional industries, which exclude or deter people who are not middle or upper class men, then we won’t achieve the changes we would like to see.

Evening Standard: June Sarpong on why it’s time to embrace diversity in London – 19 October 2017

Let’s be honest: we like what we know and what feels familiar and therefore we will all feel challenged by people and situations that are unfamiliar to us. Once we admit that then we can commit to doing something about it, widen our social circles and explore communities and cultures we might otherwise avoid.

Red: June Sarpong On Why Age Diversity Matters – 20 October 2017

Older women who have experienced life have so much to offer us in terms of balancing work and family life, thriving in male-dominated environments and pioneering different approaches to challenges, whether that be inflexible hours for working mothers or pay barriers.