Deeds Not Words: Helen Pankhurst delivers the final 2018 Coleridge Lecture, exploring how women’s lives have changed over the last century and how they are still fighting for equality.

Helen Pankhurst

Image credit: Virginie Naudillon

This event provides background material for this event, which takes place on 10 May 2018.

Read 100 Women on 100 Years of Voting in the Observer.

Reviews of Deeds Not Words

The Independent: Deeds not Words by Helen Pankhurst review: An ultimately uplifting record of strength – Heather Saul 8 February 2018

This is not simply a litany of things done to women; rather, a litany of things women have done about them. Even with so far to go, it’s hard not to feel powerful as we consider how our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers fought for freedoms.

Sandi Toksvig:

An incredible book . . . Informative, enlightening, and with the potential to change women’s lives.

Annie Lennox:

A valuable guide and reference to anyone who wants to understand the Women’s Movement in more depth. I am deeply grateful to Helen for writing it!

Rachel Holmes:

Conversational, analytical, big-picture sweep of history, directional and – most importantly – wholly accessible. Literally words that make me want to get up and go do deeds, thinking all along the way!

Articles by Helen Pankhurst

The Daily Telegraph: 100 years after winning the vote, here’s what women still want – 6 February 2018

… obstacles for the political woman abound and feminist policies are far from being embedded in the establishment. In my conclusion to how far we have come on politics, I opted for 3 out of 5 as a fair summary.

The Guardian: The refugee crisis is a feminist issue. We can’t just sit by and watch – 19 September 2016

When a woman’s situation is so desperate that she is forced to engage in “survival sex” to secure a male protector for her journey, that’s a feminist issue. When a woman is forced to trudge for hundreds of miles on foot, heavily pregnant and with malnourished children in her arms, that is a feminist issue.

Interview with Helen Pankhurst

The Daily Telegraph: Helen Pankhurst: ‘Emmeline was an icon, but she was also a mother who felt betrayed by her daughter’ – Margerette Driscoll 5 February 2018

From the age of 10 it’s about make-up, selfies, how you look… then you have to be good at sports, good at academics, you have all the expectations that previous generations had of women and more. The sad thing is that instead of reducing the pressure on girls we are now foisting it on boys, too.

Articles about Helen Pankhurst

Metro: Great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst says Donald Trump has ‘woken feminist movement up’ – Zoe Drewett 6 February 2018

Dr Pankhurst has released a book, Deeds Not Words, on the 100th anniversary of women being given the vote, saying her message to Mr Trump would be: ‘The world has changed – look forwards not backwards.’

BBC: BBC Radio 3 announces new choral commission by Pankhurst relatives – 21 January 2018

Edwina Wolstencroft, Editor, BBC Radio 3 says: “In early 2017 I heard the inspirational Helen Pankhurst speak at an event related to her great-grandmother and thought how great it would be if BBC Radio 3 could work with Helen on a creative project to mark the 2018 centenary of women’s suffrage. It’s been a privilege to realise that ambition and hear this wonderful piece with a powerful text set to beautiful music by composer Lucy Pankhurst.”