On 25 February 2015, George Monbiot will deliver one of the inaugural Coleridge Lectures, What a Green Government Could do if it Really Tried.


George studied zoology at Oxford, but his real education began when he travelled to Brazil in his twenties and joined the resistance movement defending the land of indigenous peasants. Since then he has spent his career as a journalist and environmentalist, working with others to defend the natural world he loves.

Visit his website here.

George’s columns for the Guardian are syndicated all over the world. Read them here.

He is also the author of the bestselling books Captive State, The Age of Consent, Bring on the Apocalypse and Heat, as well as the investigative travel books Poisoned Arrows, Amazon Watershed and No Man’s Land. Among the many prizes he has won is the UN Global 500 award for outstanding environmental achievement, presented to him by Nelson Mandela.

His latest book, Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding, is the story of his efforts to re-engage with nature and discover a new way of living. Philip Hoare, The Telegraph, wrote:

… a passionate polemic, it could not be more rigorously researched, more elegantly delivered, or more timely. We need such big thinking for our own sakes and those of our children.

Read the full review here.

Watch George’s Ted Talk For More Wonder, Rewild the World here.

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