Leta Hong Fincher

Leta Hong Fincher: Betraying Big Brother

Laura Gallagher reviews our recent event with Leta Hong Fincher, who spoke about the rise of China’s feminist resistance.

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Are we approaching the end of liberal democracy?

In advance of our event with Eliane Glaser, Lewis Goodall and Matthew Goodwin, Hugh D Reynolds writes about populism and the future of liberal democracy.

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Kwame Anthony Appiah

Kwame Anthony Appiah: The Lies That Bind

Hugh D Reynolds writes about 'The Lies That Bind', Kwame Anthony Appiah's new book.

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Gina Miller

A Woman Like You

Laura Gallagher writes about our event with Gina Miller, author of 'Rise: Life Lessons in Speaking Out, Standing Tall & Leading the Way'.

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Jess Phillips

Review: Jess Phillips – Everywoman

Laura Gallagher reviews our recent event with Jess Phillips, who spoke about her childhood, her time at university and what it's like to be an MP.

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Edith Hall

Review: Edith Hall and Antonia Macaro

Laura Gallagher reviews our recent event with Edith Hall and Antonia Macaro, where they discussed the lessons to be learned from ancient philosophies.

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Antonia Macaro

Q&A with Antonia Macaro

Hugh D Reynolds interviews Antonia Macaro in advance of ‘Ancient Wisdom for a Sceptical Age’, an event with Macaro, Edith Hall and Julian Baggini on 12 June.

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