Threat of Plastic Pollution to Seabirds

A new study estimates that 90% of seabirds have eaten plastic, and that the threat of plastic pollution is increasing.

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Internat Fair Trade Towns Conference 2

Inspiration and Challenge at ‘Best Ever’ International Fair Trade Towns Conference in Bristol

240 delegates from 20 countries gathered in Bristol for the 9th International Fair Trade Towns Conference.

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Addressing Marine Litter, Bristol Fashion

8 million tonnes of litter is dumped in the oceans each year. How do we address this plastic marine litter problem, City to Sea: Bristol Fashion?

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Bristol 2015: Green Youth Day

Cai Burton reflects on Bristol 2015: Green Youth Day

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Bristol 2015: Student Day

Keri McNamara reflects on the Bristol 2015 Student Day.

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Withdrawn ghost boats appear in Leigh Woods

A flotilla of fishing boats have appeared in Leigh Woods, Bristol, for Luke Jerram's new art installation.

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Bristol 2015 Arts Programme

Find out more about the Bristol 2015 arts programme.

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