Melodies that chase each other from one side of the page to the next … seductive rhythms that flip upside down and inside out … mathematical sequences that open up to a world of wonder … With Bach as its starting point, the 2016 Art of Flight series soared off into the skies and out into space, building programmes around fugue and adding these to music and events that celebrate Bristol’s status as home of the British Aviation Industry and the 150th anniversary of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

On its final weekend – held in association with Bristol 800 – audiences enjoyed two premieres and four hours of family fun at St George’s Bristol.

Graham Fitkin ‘Wing’ (World Premiere)
Fri 25 November 2016
A new piece, Wing, was given its premiere in the second half of this all-Fitkin bill, was partly inspired by a visit to the historic Bristol Aeroplane Company hangars at Filton.

Family Flight Day
Sun 27 November 2016
Hands-on activity with installations from At-Bristol, including a flight deck, wind tunnel and wind table, and making paper airplanes and ‘spinners’ to test fly. There was music too.

Innovation 216 (World Premiere)
Sun 27 November 2016
A massed brass band and choir extravaganza, traced aspects of Bristol’s aeronautical history through reminiscences and memories drawn from past and present workers in the industry.

Read Liz Lane’s blog about her commission to write Innovation 216 especially for this weekend.

Visit the BAC100 website to learn about the history of Bristol aviation.


Image: Bristol Scout by aviation artist David Bent, whose work was exhibited in St George’s as part of the programme.

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