As part of the Bristol European Green Capital 2015 series of events, the ‘Green Economy’ is the focus of a lively debate that will look at how we might achieve the green economy and the role society and government might play in taking us there.

The speakers are Griffin Carpenter (New Economics Foundation), Alan Bailey (Chair, Low Carbon South West), Professor Molly Scott Cato MEP and the event is chaired by Margaret Heffernan.

The panel will discuss issues such ‘What is the Green Economy?’ and what politicians, business leaders and other opinion shapers need to do to drive the changes necessary to get us to a green economy.

Dr Andrew Mearman of the Bristol Economic Analysis research centre, UWE Bristol, who organised the event, said:

Our economy and the green agenda are inextricably linked but our understanding of how one influences the other is an important area for debate. Changes may be needed to business practice, government, education, society and individual behavior to achieve the green economy. This debate looks at these questions and challenges us to think about what we are prepared to do as individuals and in society. There may be winners and losers in a greener economy, but who the key players are and which are the key organizations that drive this forward, is not yet clear. We don’t know yet if a Green Economy is achievable or affordable – all of these issues are part of a wider debate about how we address some of the key environmental pressures society is facing.

Bristol Economic Analysis is a Centre of excellence in applied economic research, combining data and policy analysis with focused expertise in the economics of the sustainable region, economics of labour markets, and critical perspectives on finance and macroeconomics.

Mearman said:

We have expertise in data analysis, methodology and evaluation. As social scientists we are committed to examining all issues relating to the West of England economy. We do research on a wide array of areas, such as looking at health, job satisfaction and employment at the regional and company level as well as education, skills and productivity. We are also committed to developing economic tools aimed at creating an environmentally sustainable economy and society, for instance through new business models for sustainability. We’re incorporating new insights into a better understanding of the role of finance and money in economic theory and practice.

Further details about the event can be found here.

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