Vanessa Kisuule – Bristol City Poet – has written a poem for Christmas which is being displayed on the big screen outside We The Curious.

The poem has been written to raise awareness of Every Child Needs Christmas, a South West based initiative delivering gifts to children in need. The campaign is run entirely by volunteers and to date has given 23,000 gifts to children that would otherwise have nothing to open on Christmas Day. 

If you would like to donate a £5 gift, please find details on the Every Child Needs Christmas Facebook page. Closing date 5 December 2018.

You can read the text of Vanessa’s poem below.


Every Child Needs Christmas

As December holds us in its frosty grip

We start giving and receiving gifts


Some love the rush and glitter of this special time

We spend too much money, drink too much mulled wine


Kids write long lists for Santa, pleading for the latest gadgets

Parents pay the price for this, rushing round the shops in panic


The pressure for a perfect Christmas is sometimes tough

We wonder if what we do, cook or buy will be enough


Some kids wake up to gift towers higher than their heads

Others wake up to no stocking on the end of their beds


Many families put hopes of a happy holiday aside

Austerity robs children of joy, their carers of pride


Those of us with plenty could spread some cheer

To more than just our own families this year


Not for the pull of pity or fleeting charity

But because it could so easily be you or me


To each other’s humanity we all bear witness

Remember that every child needs Christmas




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