Festival of Economics: Rain Newton-Smith

Charlie Meyrick reviews our recent event with Rain Newton-Smith, who spoke to Gavin Jackson about growth in the time of Brexit.

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FoE 2018 cover by Alys Jones

Festival of Economics: Higher Education: Decline and Fall?

Charlie Meyrick writes about the 'Higher Education: Decline and Fall?' event, part of the Festival of Economics.

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Festival of Economics: Paul Tucker

Charlie Meyrick reviews our recent event with Paul Tucker, who spoke about the power of central banks.

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Caroline Burrows: Junkies in the Underpass

City Poet Vanessa Kisuule has invited Bristolians to send in their own poems about the city. The latest is Caroline Burrows' Junkies in the Underpass.

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Leta Hong Fincher

Leta Hong Fincher: Betraying Big Brother

Laura Gallagher reviews our recent event with Leta Hong Fincher, who spoke about the rise of China’s feminist resistance.

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Are we approaching the end of liberal democracy?

In advance of our event with Eliane Glaser, Lewis Goodall and Matthew Goodwin, Hugh D Reynolds writes about populism and the future of liberal democracy.

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Kwame Anthony Appiah

Kwame Anthony Appiah: The Lies That Bind

Hugh D Reynolds writes about 'The Lies That Bind', Kwame Anthony Appiah's new book.

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