Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (BCDP) employs a small team who produce Bristol Festival of Ideas and work on all the other projects that the company runs.

Andrew Kelly, Director/

Andrew Kelly Nick Smith

Andrew Kelly is the author of All Quiet on the Western Front, The Story of a Film (1998) and Cinema and the Great War (1997) among 12 other books. He is currently writing a biography of Lewis Milestone and a book looking at Hollywood’s ‘greatest year’, 1939, and cinema-going today. In 2014 he directed Bristol’s programme marking 100 years since the start of the First World War, the largest UK programme marking the centenary. He is director of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership and Bristol Festival of Ideas and is a visiting professor at the University of the West of England. His projects include Brunel200, Bristol800 and the annual Bristol Great Reading Adventure.

Melanie Kelly, Research Director and Project Manager/

Mel at House of Illustration

Melanie Kelly joined Bristol Cultural Development Partnership as its Research Director and Project Manager in 2002. Her BCDP publications include Brunel: In Love with the Impossible (co-editor and author), Darwin: for the Love of Science (co-editor and author), Take Flight: Celebrating Aviation in the West of England Since 1910 (co-author), The Bristol800 Book of Walks (co-author) and The 2017 Festival of the Future City (co-author). She has written support material and children’s editions of books for the Great Reading Adventure since 2003, as well as managing the websites, marketing, artist workshops and other activities that have formed part of the programme. She managed key projects within Brunel200, BAC100 and Bristol2014, as well as the overall marketing, promotion and evaluation of those programmes. She is a graduate of the University of Warwick (Film and Literature BA Hons 1983) and University of Bath (MPhil 2002).

Zoe Steadman-Milne, Project Manager/


Zoë Steadman-Milne joined Bristol Cultural Development Partnership in 2013. As Project Manager she oversees the programming, logistics and event management of all Festival of Ideas events and projects. Since joining Zoë worked on the creation of the Young People’s Festival of Ideas and is on the Steering Committee for the Bristol and Bath Cultural Destinations project. Prior to this, Zoë produced the Bath Literature Festival from 2005-2013.

Amy O'Beirne, Project Coordinator and Researcher/

Amy O

Amy O’Beirne is Project Coordinator and Researcher at Bristol Cultural Development Partnership. She produced the Bristol and Romanticism walking guide and contributed chapters to the companion book for the 2015 Festival of the Future City and the Bristol800 Book of Walks. She works on logistics and event management for the Coleridge Lecture series and Festival of Ideas events, and was responsible for the management of Festival of the Future City 2017. Prior to joining BCDP, Amy was a student at University of Bristol where she gained an MSci in Geography.

Alison Parsons, Accountant and Company Secretary/

Alison Parsons

Alison joined Business West in 1995 and is responsible for all aspects of BCDP accounting and statutory returns in addition to her other responsibilities at Business West. Prior to this Alison worked as an Accountant and Management Consultant in a various companies in the UK and Caribbean.