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Adam Rutherford
Mon 12 February 2018
18:30 - 19:30
Free Admission
Adam Rutherford

Darwin Day Lecture 2018: A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

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40 mins ago
‘It’s as though my culture has ripped its face off and some giant green lizard has come out.’…
43 mins ago
Russia’s welcoming of Chinese communists after the 1917 revolution continues to have a legacy today.…
46 mins ago
‘[A] deeply thoughtful analysis...mandatory reading for anyone seeking to understand where we have gone wrong.’…
60 mins ago
McGarvey provides ‘a painfully honest autobiographical study of deprivation and how society should deal with it.’…
12 hours ago
Deindustrialisation ‘inflicted on the valleys in the 1980s offers a cautionary tale for the next big transition.’
19 hours ago
We worked with Alec French on the renewal of the Harbourside area. Good to see them prosper - and what a great hist…
20 hours ago
Do get to see Darran talk on cities if you can. He was excellent in #futurecity15
20 hours ago
How long will Trump’s base continue to support him as his actions begin to affect them directly?
23 hours ago
Money spent on Salvator Mundi ‘could have restored eyesight to nine million people’
23 hours ago
Jaron Lanier ‘provides something...compelling: a poetic and humanistic view of technology.’
24 hours ago
Michael A. Nutter - former mayor of Philadelphia - on why ‘being mayor is the best job in America.’…
24 hours ago
The women on the front line attempting to stop wildlife poaching and killing.
1 day ago
The ‘claim that no other figure in history “was as creative in so many different fields” doesn’t seem far-fetched.’
1 day ago
We subscribe to @PeirenePress and get interesting books like this every few months.
1 day ago
#economicsfest director Diane Coyle makes Jean Tirole’s Economics for the Common Good her book of the year.
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