Bristol800 Book of Walks

A book containing five walks around Bristol has been published as part of the Bristol800 programme.

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Alejandro Zambra: Multiple Choice

Hugh D Reynolds reviews Alejandro Zambra's recent Festival of Ideas event.

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Innovation 216

Composer Liz Lane explains the inspiration of her new piece for 100 musicians and 200 singers which has been commissioned as part of Bristol800.

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The Bristol Magna Carta, 1216

A concert is to be held in Bristol to mark the 800th anniversary of the Bristol Magna Carta.

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The rise of Bristol, success but not yet shared growth — notes for a new mayor

Gavin Kelly responds to Mayor Marvin Rees' innaugural address.

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The Good Immigrant

Jessica Wright, a reporter for Bristol Women's Voice, reviews the recent Festival of Ideas event with Nikesh Shukla, Darren Chetty, Himesh Patel and Coco Khan.

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Questions for the Mayor

Some of the questions received in advance of the Mayor's Annual Lecture 2016.

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