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The Big Europe Referendum Debate

We requested questions for our Big Europe Referendum Debate panellists in advance. Read here the questions received so far.

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maryam-namazie-photo by Mallorie Nassrallah

The End of Everything and the Start of Something New

In our March Weekender as part of Bristol800 we looked at endings and beginnings.

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Chains of Love

Slavery casts a shadow over much of Bristol’s history, teaching us unless commerce has a conscience, someone somewhere will be suffering whilst others profit.

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Centre Stage – Alice Hendy

Centre Stage – Celebrating Theatre in Bristol

A look back at the RWA exhibition which celebrated the rich and complex history of theatre in Bristol.

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Yelena Gregg Weekes reflects on her feature in Nocturnal to celebrate the launch of the magazine’s website.

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New research reveals British attitudes to cities

Almost half (47%) of Britain’s adult population believes that cities will become more important to the UK economy but the same proportion say that they will be

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The Uncertain World

Ed Atkins discusses the recent Uncertain World: Question Time event.

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