We asked internationally recognised political thinker, and economic and cultural commentator Phillip Blond to comment on his current work and ideas that have influenced him…

Which of your own ideas have you been thinking about most recently?
The illiberal legacy of liberalism and the covert alliance between left and right liberals.

What idea of someone else has made most impact on you recently?
That America lacks an institution to ground any vision of the common good.

What is the most important book/article of ideas that everyone should read and why?
Well to be honest I think it’s Tony Judt’s book Ill Fares the Land and my own Red Tory – both are quite similar in their critique of the present settlement.

And finally, each year we ask everyone involved – audiences as well as speakers – one question. Charles Masterman, Liberal Party politician and journalist, asked in his book The Condition of England 100 Years Ago: “What will the future make of the present?” What is your answer to this?
The damaging dominance of liberalism as the governing narrative of our economic and social life.

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Phillip Blond is director of ResPublica, and a research fellow at NESTA. Phillip is an internationally recognised political thinker, and economic and cultural commentator. He has recently published a number of comment and analysis pieces in the Financial Times, the Independent, the Guardian and the Sunday Times. His work has attracted considerable attention as an advocate of a radical, progressive Toryism. Prospect named him as the British thinker to watch in 2009, and the Times called his forthcoming book, Red Tory, one of the highlights to look forward to in 2010.