We asked John Geiger to comment on his current work and ideas that have influenced him…

Which of your own ideas have you been thinking about most recently?
I remain very focused on the concept of the Third Man, the phenomenon outlined in my book The Third Man Factor. Unusually for a book of this kind, the research didn’t end with publication, as public awareness of the existence of an incorporeal being that can intervene to help people under extreme stress has prompted a large number of individuals to come forward with their own accounts. There may yet be a volume two!

What idea of someone else has made most impact on you recently?
I recently read The Wayfinders by Wade Davis, an anthropologist who serves as explorer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society. Davis is a fascinating thinker, and his theories about the persistence of ancient wisdom in our own world, why that matters, and the threat to indigenous cultures by the forces of homogenisation, are utterly compelling.

What is the most important book/article of ideas that everyone should read and why?
Richard Jefferies’ The Story of My Heart, as a glimpse of eternity.

And finally, each year we ask everyone involved – audiences as well as speakers – one question. Charles Masterman, Liberal Party politician and journalist, asked in his book The Condition of England 100 Years Ago: “What will the future make of the present?” What is your answer to this?
There will be very little nostalgia and great recrimination.