Paris City Hall recently declared its ambition to become the ‘world capital of cycling’. A €150 million program over the next five years will help to make the city easier, safer and more attractive for cyclists.

Between now and 2020, Paris will add around 50 miles of new, improved bike routes; junctions with traffic lights will be equipped with 7,000 new alternative corner crossings that allow cyclists to turn without waiting for lights to turn green; and the citywide speed limit will be cut to 30kmph (18mph), with only major roads having a speed limit as high as 50kmph (30mph).

The city will fund 10,000 new secure parking spaces for bicycles and will offer financial incentives for those buying electric and conventional bikes. The city council also wants to encourage cycling classes and repair workshops.

The plan aims to increase the share of all trips made by bike from 5% to 15% by 2020.

Further details here.

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