Last week, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, announced a plan to make seven of the city’s squares more pedestrian-friendly. €30 million will be allotted to redesigning the Place de la Bastille, the Place d’Italie, the Place de la Nation, the Place du Panthéon, the Place de le Madeleine, the Place Gambetta and the Place des Fêtes.

Currently, half of Place de la Bastille’s surface is given up to cars and there is no direct pedestrian crossing for the square. Place de la Nation is surrounded by eight lanes of traffic.

Though it has yet to be decided exactly how the seven spaces will be pedestrianised, Hidalgo said she hoped that lessons can be taken from the renovation of the Place de Republique. Before its €24 million redesign, the Place de la Republique was a large roundabout around which cars flowed constantly. Cars are now restricted to three sides of the square, and the fourth side has become a largely pedestrian space accessible for buses and deliveries only.

Hidalgo has set 2020 as the year for completion. A public consultation on the future of the squares will now take place, as well as a competition asking the public to come up with new designs.

Further details here.

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