2015 could see growing momentum toward one of the most important pro-nature legislative initiatives that the UK has ever seen, manifest in the growing campaign for a new Nature and Wellbeing Act.

The proposed new legal framework aims to build on existing rules and policies to achieve the restoration of nature within a generation. Restoring lost woods, making rivers more natural, improving peatlands – these kinds of aims are ambitious, but can certainly be done if a strong enough case can be made. Backers of the initiative point not only to the value that nature has for its own sake, in terms of its beauty and spiritual dimensions, but also to the benefits for health and wellbeing that arise from connections with wildlife and the natural world.

Promoting more of that is at the heart of the proposed new Act, including through changes to education laws. By helping children to enjoy nature, it is more likely they’ll continue to do so as adults and reap the benefits as more support for conservation goals becomes available.

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