As part of the Bristol800 Weekender on Frankenstein (Fri 22-Sat 23 April 2016), six poets were commissioned to each write a new poem inspired by the novel. You can read the poems HERE (PDF document). The poems cannot be reproduced without prior permission.

The poets and poems were:

John Burnside: ‘Self-portrait as Frankenstein’s Monster’
Kathleen Jamie: ‘The Diamond Pane’
Vanessa Kisuule: ‘A Different Stock’ (read at The Science and Ethics of Frankenstein Today and Tomorrow)
Helen Mort: ‘A Godlike Science’ (read at Charles Foster: Being a Beast)
Fiona Sampson: ‘Frankenstein’s Golem'(read at Richard Holmes: My Hideous Progeny: Mary Shelley and the Birth of Frankenstein)
Adam Thorpe: ‘A Monster’ (read at Andrew Kelly: Frankenstein on Film)

The illustration used to publicise this project was specially created by Alys Jones.