Come the Revolution

Free Angela Davis: Individuals can build collective movements

Emma Husband reviews 'Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners', shown as part of the Malcolm X and Come the Revolution project.

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Addressing Marine Litter, Bristol Fashion

8 million tonnes of litter is dumped in the oceans each year. How do we address this plastic marine litter problem, City to Sea: Bristol Fashion?

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How to Make an Attractive City

A new video by Alain de Botton examines what makes cities beautiful.

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BFOI_Future City

Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Reach New Highs

Global carbon dioxide concentrations have reached a new monthly record of 400 parts per million.

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Srdja Popovic

Srdja Popovic – Blueprint for Revolution

Isaac Kneebone-Hopkins reviews Srdja Popovic's Festival of Ideas event.

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Bristol 2015: Green Youth Day

Cai Burton reflects on Bristol 2015: Green Youth Day

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Finn Mackay – Radical Feminism

Emma Husband, Bristol Women’s Voice, reviews Finn Mackay’s recent Bristol Festival of Ideas event.

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