Europe’s Population Shift

A recent report from Bloomberg Philanthropies and LSE Cities has outlined key demographic shifts in Europe.

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Blog Is Our View of Place

Is Our View of Place Too Short-Sighted?

Maja Jorgensen, The Glass-House Community Led Design, summarises the recent event.

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The Challenges of Global Environmental Change

Professor Rich Pancost, Director of the Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol, looks at why we (Bristol) should 'bridge the gap'.

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Coleridge Lectures 2015: George Monbiot

On 25 February 2015, George Monbiot will deliver one of the inaugural Coleridge Lectures. Find out more about George’s work.

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Luke Jerram’s “Withdrawn” to set sail to Leigh Woods

Landmark art project, Withdrawn, has been granted planning permission for its installation in Leigh Woods, and exciting event programme revealed.

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Coleridge Lectures 2015: Anna Coote

On 23 February 2015, Anna Coote will deliver one of the inaugural Coleridge Lectures, 'Green and Social Justice'. Find out more about Anna's work.

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Global Aware

Global Aware Conference 2015

Rowan Williams challenged the faith community to respond to Bristol European Green Capital.

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