Greater Bristol Pollinators Summit 2015

A recent summit highlighted the work that is being done to protect pollinating insects, and identified the work that needs to be done in the future.

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BFOI_Future City

City Size and Innovation

A new paper argues that when it comes to innovation, city size may not matter as much today as it did in the past.

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Roger Griffith (c)

Roger Griffith – Roots and Routes

Kavita Ashton reviews Roger Griffith's Festival of Ideas event.

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Blog US NPS sound

US National Park Service Create “Loudness” Map

The US National Park Service recently assessed sound level and night sky conditions across the country.

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Coleridge Lectures 2015: Roger Scruton

On 5 March 2015, Roger Scruton will deliver one of the inaugural Coleridge Lectures. Find out more about Roger’s work.

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Europe’s Population Shift

A recent report from Bloomberg Philanthropies and LSE Cities has outlined key demographic shifts in Europe.

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Blog Is Our View of Place

Is Our View of Place Too Short-Sighted?

Maja Jorgensen, The Glass-House Community Led Design, summarises the recent event.

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