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David Eagleman

 David Eagleman (photograph by Brandon Thibodeaux)

Incognito and The Art of Possibilianism
25 May 2012, 18.00-20.30 (with 30min interval) (PAST EVENT)
Watershed, Bristol (see map)


Renowned neuroscientist and writer David Eagleman navigates the depths of the subconscious brain to illuminate surprising mysteries. In Incognito he takes in brain damage, dating, drugs, beauty, infidelity, synaesthesia, criminal law, artificial intelligence and visual illusions, to provide a thrilling exploration of the mind and all its contradictions. He discusses the book in an interview with Bruce Hood. After an interval, this is followed by Eagleman’s lecture on the art of possibilianism. Our ignorance is too vast to commit to atheism, yet we know too much to commit to a particular religion. Eagleman is a possibilian: someone who emphasizes the exploration of new, unconsidered possibilities, is comfortable holding multiple ideas in mind and is not interested in committing to any particular story.


David Eagleman is a neuroscientist and a New York Times bestselling author. He directs the Laboratory for Perception and Action at the Baylor College of Medicine, where he also directs the Initiative on Neuroscience and Law. His books include Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain and Why the Net Matters: or Six Easy Ways to Avert the Collapse of Civilisation. Visit his website at

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    May 23rd, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    [...] a number of intriguing events on the agenda, including neuroscientist David Eagleman speaking on the art of possibilionism (the commitment to exploring the new) and a series of events marking the 200th anniversary of the [...]


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