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Tue 21 April 2015
9:30 - 14:00
Free Admission
Bristol 2015: Student Day

It's Our Future

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Lucy Wood by Ben Smith
Thu 23 April 2015
18:30 - 19:30
Price: £5/ £3
Lucy Wood


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The Bristol Festival of Ideas aims to stimulate people’s minds and passions with an inspiring programme of discussion and debate throughout the year.

Established in 2004, the Bristol Festival of Ideas emerged out of Bristol’s bid to be Capital of Culture in 2008.

We wanted more debate in the city. We also wanted to celebrate the work of great writers, commentators and thinkers in and outside the city.

Great Hall Annual Address 2013

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2 hours ago
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed our #bristol2015 Green Youth Day. Much more to come.
3 hours ago
Important first official #Bristol2015 summit was led by and for young people. It's their future.
3 hours ago
Polly Toynbee: 'A Cameron win will plunge Britain into referendum frenzy, starting on 8 May.' #GE2015
3 hours ago
The #bristol2015 Energy Tree launches today. All welcome Brochure:
4 hours ago
Emmanuel Jal with George Ferguson at Green Youth Day (thanks @steve4319 for picture).
7 hours ago
Aditya Chakrabortty: Three big #GE2015 questions: How to live? Where to live? And who is meant to live here? #GE2015
7 hours ago
Ed Conway: Euro exit will only prolong Greek misery #Economicsfest
7 hours ago
Janan Ganesh: 'The Tories pay a high price for their low reputation' (£) #GE2015
7 hours ago
One key area of work in #Bristol2015 Green Youth Day was gathering ideas from young people about transport.
7 hours ago
Scotsman and Guardian lead on Tory peer warnings about Tory tactics on SNP and Labour. #GE2015
8 hours ago
Times and Telegraph lead on Tory warnings of SNP and Labour running UK
8 hours ago
UK economy failing to innovate: Key measure of progress in productivity falls for third year
8 hours ago
Creative Connections created a wall of ideas at #Bristol2015 green youth day yesterday. All ideas from young people.
8 hours ago
Apple: 'We don’t want to debate climate change. We want to stop it.' #Bristol2015
8 hours ago
Remarkable @EmmanuelJAL at #bristol2015 Green Youth Day with a message of peace and hope (pictures @steve4319)
Bristol Festival of Ideas is an initiative of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership
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