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Adam Rutherford
Mon 12 February 2018
18:30 - 19:30
Free Admission
Adam Rutherford

Darwin Day Lecture 2018: A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

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6 hours ago
RT @laura_culture: Our historic houses @RedLodgeMuseum @HouseGeorgian and @BlaiseMuseum are only open for a few more weeks before they clos…
10 hours ago
And the second half is here: Thanks @UWEJournalism for the event.
10 hours ago
If you missed our event on the 40th anniversary of the ABC Trial in November you can see the first half here:
11 hours ago
Always a great pleasure to work with Watershed on this.
11 hours ago
Gillian Tett on why economics in the west remains mostly a man’s world: In #economicsfest…
11 hours ago
If you ever have chance to see Masha Gessen don’t miss this. She was brilliant in Bristol.
20 hours ago
When technology disrupters don’t ‘think about who's being left behind, alienated and insulted by its products’.
21 hours ago
‘Diverse and reliable news sources, a pillar of democracy, risk being undermined.’
22 hours ago
Diane Coyle on latest addition to her fine Perspectives series which looks critically at driverless cars…
22 hours ago
GARRY TRUDEAU has a fine review of Cullen Murphy’s CARTOON COUNTY here:
22 hours ago
Cullen Murphy on the golden age of the newspaper comic strip and where artists go next in time of newspaper decline.
22 hours ago
How Scotland is trying to deal with lower growth and cuts from Westminster #economicsfest
22 hours ago
Disgraceful that any MP - whatever their views - should receive death threats.
22 hours ago
Ten essential movies everyone should see.
2 days ago
Want to be the new managing director of St Pauls Carnival? Details here:
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